Sea La Luz

We support "Sea la Luz", a missionary endeavor in Ecuador.  Dave, Sharman and Kjersti Injerd are working with the mountain Indian people in the Andes mountains outside Quito, Ecuador.  

Here's the latest newsletter from the missionary family our church supports

Even flight


June-July, 2017
Dear Victorious Saints,
This week we finished our 2016-2017 school year in excellence!  We had 100 people at our graduation program in which we declared “Great GRACE” over each child by name and asked for great grace for a day of salvation for the parents.  As a school and as individuals we have been shouting out “Great GRACE!” over the people in our lives, over situations, over infirmity, over finances, over everything.   In Zechariah 4:6-7  “Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts.  “Who are you, O great mountain (problem)?  Before Zerubbabel   (put your name in here)  you will become a plain!...With shouts of ´Grace, grace to it!´”    Not only does the physical action of shouting move the airwaves over and around us, but calling for the GRACE of God is adding a spiritual force like a laser beam to hit a target.  Think of GRACE as a weapon to be used in an infinite number of ways.  We ask for GRACE for ourselves to be instruments of the Living God; we ask for God´s GRACE over those around us to feel His adoption and love; but we can also use it to counter the works of the enemy - against infirmity, poverty, chaos, fear.  GRACE is so powerful because it has nothing to do with us and how good we are, it is all about our All-Powerful Father and His desire that we become, do and be all He created in us.  The enemy cannot fight against GRACE.   Shout “Great GRACE!” and watch your mountains level out.
Because we saturated the atmosphere of the school with shouts of GRACE in the days before the program and during the program, the presence of Almighty God flowed through us and around us in an amazing way.  The enemy attempted to discourage us by having the electricity go out (not uncommon) an hour before the program.  We were determined NOT to complain, murmur or get apathetic.  The children were full of joy and excitement, and the parents entered quietly in anticipation (not normal).  
We started the presentation with music on battery-powered equipment but had no microphone.  The Holy Spirit directed our course a little differently than the script but the children flowed.  At the precise moment when the kindergartners were to present their speeches in their tiny, soft voices, the power (literally) came on and we were able to use the microphone.  What a kind, great God we serve, Who wants the world to hear what His little children have to say.
There was a special turning point in the program when one of our dear high school students, Amanda, prepared a special dance with some of the children for the Jesus Culture song "Tuyo Soy" (I Am Yours).  It electrified the atmosphere with God's Light and brought us to tears.  Please watch the video and be encouraged. 
A month ago, we heard a message the Lord wants us to share with you to encourage and sharpen you as you pray for President Trump and this special weekend of the Fourth of July.  Please daily declare “Great GRACE” over God´s  chosen nation, Israel; and over a nation under God, the United States and its chosen leader, Donald Trump. 
We declare Great GRACE over each of you.  Feel the loving attention of our Father on you.   Be blest.
Together for His Kingdom,
The Injerds,  Dave, Sharman and Kjersti
PS.  Please pray for Dave as he finishes repairing God´s little homestead in Texas and drives out to meet Kjersti and I in California for a short family reunion.  
In His and your service, David, Sharman, and Kjersti Injerd
El Tambo, Napo Province, Ecuador
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